Entry #3

[Game Launch] Traumata: The 13th Floor

2013-01-29 08:08:52 by tempalabs

"Take the stair up to the source of your Trauma..."

Traumata: The 13th Floor

[Game Launch] Traumata: The 13th Floor


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2013-01-29 09:35:19

er...i think you linked to the wrong page....project pages cannot be viewed by anyone who isn't "invited"...

tempalabs responds:

Don't know how I missed it ><
Thanks for the info, it has been fixed! :)


2013-02-02 16:18:48

Next time Adam takes a trip into his psyche, he should take the elevevator. Probably fewer knife wielding shadows wandering around. :)

tempalabs responds:

Well, IF the knife wielding shadows did appear inside the elevator, there's no escape for him :D