[Preview] Traumata: The 13th Floor

2013-01-20 10:15:17 by tempalabs

Fiuh, it's been long time since we updated our blog here :D
But what matter is now we're here to give you some update about our new games!

For you point-and-click lover, especially the horror variety, I have good news for you!
We have recently developed Traumata, an old-school point-and-click adventure games with mysterious atmosphere, lots of puzzle, interesting time-travel/memory mechanism, complete with a ghost/zombie/scissorman/slenderman/something-els e-entirely that will sometimes appear and run after you :D

It's been sponsored, and I hope we can release it on Newgrounds soon.
Hopefully you'll like it too as much as we have fun creating it! :)

[Preview] Traumata: The 13th Floor


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