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Thanks for your support on Puzzling War!

2010-11-28 21:13:25 by tempalabs

Hi all!

This is my first blog post on Newgrounds, and I want to use it to say thank you for all of your support on our first game here, Puzzling War.
We have read all of your feedback and criticism, and really appreciate all the time that you spent playing and submitting your thought about the game.

Although a few days have passed since thanksgiving, I still want to give some kind of gift to the community here. I can't think of anything worthy enough to share, but I can give you the 'clear' illustration used on the title screen, in it's original resolution (3333x2000). Hope you like it.
Puzzling War Illustration

If you haven't share your thought about the game yet, please post it below.
What do you love the most? What do you hate the most? What feature do you want to be added there?

Thanks for your support on Puzzling War!


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2010-12-03 19:53:22

Character design was both the game's biggest strength and weakness. The combat element of the game was brilliant, but it was too underplayed because the puzzle element was too frantic. Strategy should have been a bigger part of the game; slow down the puzzles to make this so.

Additionally, differentiating between the characters to create matches was at times difficult because of similarities in the visuals of the characters.

The game was a blast, and the Medals make it worth a ton of visits. There's a lot of replay value, and just as much potential for a sequel.

tempalabs responds:

THanks Rabid-Animals. Your feedback culminate most feedback that I received on Newgrounds.
Stay tuned for the next version of Puzzling War ;)